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How to Eat for Balanced and Sustainable Health with Functional Medicine Nurse Practitioner, Allie Burch

Episode Summary

So excited to introduce you all to Allie Burch, Functional Medicine Nurse Practitioner! She is here to help us learn more about how to truly nourish our bodies so that we can show up in the world as the optimal version of us! Allie focuses on teaching clients how to redesign their environment to set them up for success and can you guess where she starts? THE KITCHEN! We discuss super simple ways to shift our habits by first focusing on our intentions. She helps us ground into a way of living that is not only doable but can be done with grace and ease. Let's face it, we always will feel better, mind, body, and soul when we nourish our bodies. We feel lighter, have more energy, and feel better in our skin! Allie's heart-centered approach helps us support the body we were blessed with and activate its innate capability to heal. The point of this podcast is not to give you a laundry list of things to do, the point is to give you the wisdom and inspiration to guide you in your journey towards the version of you that is ready to come alive! Let's go!

Episode Notes

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