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Episode 82: How to Optimize Your Brain Health with Stanford Trained Neurologist, Dr. Amelia Barrett

Episode Summary

You are going to LOVE this podcast with Stanford-trained Neurologist, Dr. Amelia. She helps us understand the most important foundations of brain health and what we can do to optimize our operating system. Migraines, brain fog, trouble focusing and concentrating, insomnia, anxiety, and so many other issues are related to the health of our brain, but many don't understand that our brains need simple nutrients and lifestyle habits to be healthy! We cover the foundations to keep our brains healthy and talk about brain-specific nutrition! She helps us understand how our gut health is directly related to the health of our brain and how certain food groups will help us balance not only our gut but our brain as well. Our brains are very sensitive to toxins so cleaning up our food and environment is vital to helping our brains be healthy and work optimally! A perfect reason to download my free resource in the episode notes below!). She also shares with us the NUMBER ONE way to detox our brain and you don't want to miss it! It's SO simple! My friends, we must prioritize learning how to take care of our brains! Your brain needs you and you need your brain! Tune in and start taking baby steps to support you and your family's main operating system, the brain!

Episode Notes

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