The Hippie Moms Podcast

Episode 84: Recovering from Autism with Luminara Serdar

Episode Summary

This podcast is mind-blowing for any parent who has been told that autism cannot be helped or healed. We are joined with, Luminara Serdar, an autism recovery expert who helps parents discover and address the root causes of their child’s challenging autism behaviors. We all want children who are calm, happy, and independent... yet so many parents are told that their child's "condition" cannot be helped, leaving parents confused, overwhelmed, and desperate. She helps us understand what is happening in the body of children with autism and what methods she uses to help them detox and guide their bodies back to balance. Luminara shares with us how the Neuro Modulation Technique and other strategies can help us support our children. Her explanation of how we accumulate toxins and what they do in the body will give every parent who is looking to help their child heal, the first steps they can take, right now. This episode is not just for parents who are raising children with autism, but all parents, because we are unfortunately inundated with toxins and chemicals. I guarantee you will walk away with simple ways to support your kids and their bodies in the world we live in today. Dive in and learn something new!

Episode Notes

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