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Hair Loss and Healthy Hair with Functional Nutritionist, Julie Olson

Episode Summary

What woman hasn't experienced hair loss and dreams to have a full head of beautiful hair? So many of us lose hair after giving birth and during periods of our life during great stress. Julie Olson is a functional nutritionist who specializes in hair loss because she too has been through this traumatic experience and is here to help others on the same journey. We talk a lot about how gut health is directly related to the health of our hair. She gives us so many amazing tips not only to regrow hair but to nourish our bodies so that we can grow and keep our hair longer! Julie shares interesting new research, how she takes clients through the process of figuring out the cause of hair loss, and the main foundations she covers to help them heal and regrow hair. She also covers specific nutrients that are vital to growing a beautiful head of hair. Some are SO simple!!! I love how much we cover here. Even if you haven't experienced hair loss you will find so many golden nuggets and tips in this conversation to keep your luscious head of hair for life! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! Let's go!

Episode Notes

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