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Healing the Toxic Burden of our Children with Dr. Lauren Lee Stone

Episode Summary

Dr. Lauren Lee Stone shares the most heartfelt story of her experience in early motherhood. Her child was so sick and she was at a complete loss. Leading with her strong intuition, she set out to heal her child who was expected to be institutionalized. Her courageous journey paves the way for many of us whose children struggle with their health and who are not getting any real answers besides diagnoses and prescriptions. Dr. Lauren is brilliant and inspires so many mothers to listen to that voice within us to guide us towards the health and healing we all deserve to have! Her journey led her to create Althea Health & Wellness where she helps families to understand what is going on with their child’s health, feel empowered to make the right choices, and create an individualized roadmap to healing and to recovery. You'll learn tons of tips and insight if you too are struggling and feel like there is nowhere to go. Let's dive in!

Episode Notes

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