The Hippie Moms Podcast

Living and Attuning to Our Life's Purpose

Episode Summary

We are created with a deep yearning to live in our purpose and this desire drives us to grow, evolve, and embody the unique gifts we are meant to serve humanity with. Everyone has a divine purpose. Everyone. Yet for most of us, we aren't aligned with our purpose and instead we are living out of tune with what we are here to express and become. In this podcast, we dive into this idea of living with purpose and some simple things we can integrate into our lives to make space for our purpose to grow. My hope and intention are that you can see the things that are blocking you from living in alignment with your purpose and open up a new way of seeing your life with a little more clarity, ease, and grace. I truly believe the more we dare to step into who we truly are, the more our life will reflect the divine perfection we already are. I hope this episode serves you.

Episode Notes

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