The Hippie Moms Podcast

Sunscreen, Friend or Foe?

Episode Summary

It's almost summertime and that means more time in the sun! In this podcast, I share with you the ins and outs of sunscreen, simple tips on how to keep yourself and your kids safe during a long day in the sun, and the best resources and products I use! For so long companies have sold highly toxic and unsafe sunscreens linked to cancer and SO many other health issues. It's time to smarten up and begin sourcing sunscreens that are not only safer for our health, but for our world as well! This quick episode will arm you with the information you need to make more educated decisions when out buying for the very thing that you rely on to keep you safe in the sun!

Episode Notes

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Dr. Mercola Article on toxic popular sunscreens

Dangerous chemicals found in sunscreen

Sunlight Facial Cream - my favorite daily facial sunscreen by Crunchi 

Full body sunscreen I use for me and my kids - Badger Unscented (can be found cheaper at some grocers)

Badger Baby Sunscreen (can be found cheaper at some grocers)

EWG's guide to sunscreens - find better options and check the one you use now!