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The Ancient Wisdom of our Body - 8 Vital Foundations of Health

Episode Summary

The body is extremely intelligent and wise. It was designed to carry us in our life's adventures. It requires basic and fundamental elements to support it. This episode is all about honoring that wisdom and what we can do to truly heal, evolve, and grow in our lives. Rather than buying all the supplements, superfoods, and following ALL the overwhelming health advice out there, I highly recommend focusing all your efforts on the 8 vital foundations of health. We can spend all the money we have on the things we think will bring us health, but if we don't focus our attention on these 8 vital foundations in our lives, those things are useless. They will never move the needle if these foundations are not honored and integrated in our lives. I've found myself in so much overwhelm in the last few years with all the advice, tips, and strategies from health gurus telling me what I must buy, eat, or have to be healthy. My realization is that none of it works, if these 8 foundations are not accounted for in my life. Discover these foundations and simple examples of how to integrate them in your life. We must listen and abide by the ancient wisdom of our bodies if we ever wish to be truly healthy, happy, and free! So, stop wasting all your money on things outside of you to make you healthy and instead focus your time and resources on the foundations that truly will create health and freedom in your life! Let's dive in!

Episode Notes

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