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Overcoming the 'Not-Enough' Syndrome, with Angela Ferri

Episode Summary

We are in the thick of summer and having the kids home ALL day is no joke, as I'm sure you know. The long days blur into each other and summer can be the breeding ground of a syndrome that is prevalent and contagious! It causes SO much unnecessary suffering. It saturates the mind and body with an incessant feeling like something is just not right. It can linger for what seems like days, and when it shows up its powerful presence clouds the world of its beauty and joy. It can surprise you with a sudden onset and the way it expresses itself can leave us feeling down and anxious. I commonly experience this syndrome and I have a feeling many mothers do to. Actually, I believe that every human has it in their lifetime, and many live their whole lives with it. Have you heard of it? The "Not Enough" syndrome? It's so contagious, that you can get it from scrolling on social media, listening to a podcast, and even from a dear friend. Our spouse or partner can really activate it... and no doubt, we activate it within them too. Our kids can easily bring it to the surface, and yet the most important thing is that we don't give it to them! In one of my recent conversations with Angela Ferrari, I shared a story of how this syndrome became activated within me. She helped me see clearly and exposed this draining and tiresome syndrome that keeps me spinning in suffering, rather than living a life of joy, ease, and grace. Isn't that what we are here for? To co-create a life of joy, compassion, and love. YES!! I believe so and this sneaky syndrome can rob us from the very essence of who we truly are. The beautiful thing about our awakening is that we eventually get to see that EVERYTHING that happens outside of us is simply a reminder to go within us. It really is the ONLY place to "go to". So, let's go together. I hope this conversation plants seeds of hope, seeds of change, and seeds of radical responsibility for our lives and our response to life. The more we raise awareness about this syndrome, the less suffering our fellow mamas do. So, share this message far and wide if you feel called to!

Episode Notes

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